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Making weight

22/09/2010 12:42
  Making weight   For weight category athletes, making weight is one of the key concerns in pre-fight preparation. In many cases it could be argued that fighters and coaches vastly misunderstand how to effectively bring about controlled weight reduction. Hopefully this guide will clear up...

“Citius, Altius, Fortius” - "Faster, Higher, Stronger"

18/09/2010 17:18
"Citius, Altius, Fortius” - "Faster, Higher, Stronger"   ‘Strength,’ ‘power’ and ‘speed’ are three terms which most fighters and trainers believe they understand yet it is incredibly common for a misunderstanding of these concepts to result in fundamental defects in training and programme...

Get the 'F' out!

18/09/2010 17:15
Get the ‘F’ out!   The three most overused and tiresome words in the sports conditioning and fitness industries in recent times? 1)      Core 2)      Functional 3)      Stability   The one thing worse than each of...

Risk of contamination in over the counter supplements

09/09/2010 18:43
N.B. - This article was originally written with combat sport as its focus but the message is relevant to ALL sports, especially strength sports where supplement use is prevalent if not normal.   With an estimated global worth of over $30 billion, and a with a 2012 projected value of over $90...

'The Secret' - Olympic lifting and pre/post natal training - Originally for

09/09/2010 18:37
  The Secret   Gubernatrix stated in her manifesto that “I am more than ever convinced that there is a great need for support for women to get involved, break down barriers, educate and be educated and be able to empower themselves through strength training.” Not only do I wholeheartedly...

Critique of The Westside system

07/09/2010 17:55
May I start by saying that I am, essentially, an Olympic Weightlifter. In my youth I was a hammer thrower and rugby player and I have played around a little with Strongman but today my passion is Olympic lifting; it is the sport I spend most time coaching and competing in. Yet unlike some in the...

Train Light, Compete Heavy

06/09/2010 20:52
Renowned American Powerlifter, Arthur “Superman” Jones once said “There is a difference between lifting more and actually getting stronger.” The point Jones was attempting to make was that lifting heavy weights in training does not actually mean that our pure strength will increase. Of course in...

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